During Arduino day at The Tech Lounge, people bringing in new projects will be welcome to sign up to give a demo, or teach a workshop. This schedule is a schedule of talks that are confirmed, so you can plan to see them. But there are more slots available. The open times during the day should be considered TBA.

9:00 am

Doors Open

10:00 am

Intro to Arduino I – Tod Stetson

11:00 am

Intro to Arduino II – Richard Call

12:00 pm


1:30 pm

Arduino Demos: Autonomous Robot, Asteroids Game, 3x3x3 LED Cube – Tod Stetson.

3:00 pm

Arduino Demo: Skydiving Altimeter – Bodey Marcoccia

4:00 pm

Intro to Arduino I – Tod Stetson

5:00 pm

Arduino Demo: Web-Controlled RGB LED Grid – Richard Call

5:30 pm

Codebender / Motherlode Maker Labs Arduino Giveaway Live from Greece. (details here)

6:00 pm

Intro to Arduio II – Richard Call

7:00 pm

Presentations for Judges Choice (enter you project to win an Arduino and some components from Front Porch)

8:00 pm

People’s choice tally announced. Judges choice winner announced. Raffle winner(s) announced.

9:00 pm

Fine (Italian for: “The End”)