Do you have a door or window that is a bit too… revealing? I did.
My husband and I live in a home that was built in 1935. I embrace (almost) all of the quirks that our older home has to offer. There is a funny door between our kitchen and pantry/laundry room/back door landing. The top 1/2 of this door is a clear glass window.
I wanted to create a little more privacy between the two rooms. I also wanted to honor the time period in which the house was built. The 1930s were a distinctive time in which art deco flair was added to most new construction. I revel in the fact that this trend extended into our modest home. It feeds my imagination & leads me to daydream about who the original owners might have been… But I digress:
I decided to embellish our 1/2 glass door with frosted glass spray in an art deco inspired pattern.
I used regular painter’s tape to create the pseudo-clamshell triangular design, sourced from various inspiration images of 1930s architecture online. You could create any pattern you want- go crazy!


I eyeballed my design and made several changes as I went. Laying down the taped design (including changes) took about 45 minutes. One piece of advice, make sure your painter’s tape is secured along ALL edges and corners.

Zac wisely suggested removing the door before spraying the design with Krylon Frosted Glass in White. (I was going to open up the windows and just go for it.) The frosted glass spray is potent and flammable. Trust me, you want to take the door/window off and spray it outside.


Follow the recommendations on the can for spray distance away from your project. I planned to do about 3 coats, waiting about 1 hour in between. I ended up doing 5 coats, as the door glass is a large-ish area and I wanted more coverage. I left it outside overnight to take the smell down.


Zac hung the door back up while I was at work to surprise me when I got home. I am very satisfied with the result.

This project was a fun, easy to execute, rewarding way personalize our home. I found this project at a favorite blog of mine A Beautiful Mess. Thanks for reading!


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