Data Collection

MotherLode MakerLabs maintains a record for each of our MotherLode MakerLabs members. This record contains personal information we can use to communicate to the members regarding MotherLode MakerLabs business or promotions. We also collect various analytic data on how our website and other products are used. People also provide email addresses to us directly to facilitate receiving promotional and educational information. We also receive and store information provided to us from our service providers such as Twitter, Facebook, MeetUp, MailChimp, PayPal and other third parties.

Data Sharing

MotherLode MakerLabs only wants to collect information for the purposes of operating a successful organization. To that end we will share personal information in the following circumstances:

  • We may provide or facilitate transmission of your personal information to a third-party service provider when that information is essential to them providing us with business services. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Email Marketing platforms such as MailChimp
    • Payment Processing services such as PayPal
    • Team Communication platforms such as Slack
    • Access Control systems
    • Criminal Background information providers
    • Security and Alarm companies
  • We will share information with law enforcement entities if required for the purpose of investigating a crime or to investigate any incident occurring at our facilities.

MotherLode MakerLabs staff or members are not prevented from mentioning information about another member in personal or business conversations or correspondence. Personal information such as name and email address may be provided to personal acquaintances or colleagues. Examples of this type of exchange include:

  • Professional Referrals (“Alice does that kind of work, here’s her email address”)
  • Casual Conversation (“I know Bob, he’s a member here. I see him on Thursdays”)

Sale of Data

We do not sell or rent personal data to third parties. It is provided for business purposes as described above. The transfer of personal information as a business asset will only occur in the event of the transfer of the MotherLode MakerLabs business entity or one of its facilities, if the transfer of information helps ensure continued operation of the business or facility.

Third Party Communications

We don’t provide personal information to third parties for promotional purposes. We may, however, communicate with our customers and users on behalf of third parties. Examples include:

  • Mentioning a third-party product or service in our email newsletter.
  • Promoting Classes, Events or Programs operated by third-parties.

We provide a method for people to opt-out of promotional communication.